You are what you eat

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

...Sounds pretty dramatic... But if you really think of it, it means that the solution is also lying right in front of us and we have the power to change things starting now!

Our alimentation and what we put in our body can heal, soothe, boost, and cure ourselves. It has never been more important to be cautious and careful about what is really inside our plates.

What drove us to start COCO Knot was really to simplify things and creating a label that means: EXCLUSIVELY PLANT BASED, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, SOY FREE, NO PRESERVES, NO ADDED SUGAR OR ARTIFICIAL SUGARS. Our products have not harmed anyone in the development nor the production and we apply strict ethical business practices using local companies.

The label COCO Knot is intended to simplify food while maintaining the fun and pleasure in eating delicious meals.

So where did we started? Well, very simply: in our kitchen, using only organic ingredients that fit the COCO Knot standards to provide nutritious healthy food. Check our ingredients: the shorter the list the better! and guess what? It is all made of raw materials that are natural and sourced in India.

It is time to eat right, feel good, and feel beautiful, inside and out...that's our moto xx

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