With a background in International Finance and after working for over 15 years in the Fashion industry, Anne-Cécile Poizat founded COCOKnot, a company focused on well-being articulated in three areas: Vegan, Gluten Free Food, Natural Beauty and Responsible Home Living. Behind this decision and the will to provide a 360 degree brand around sustainable well-being was a disorder she experienced 5 years ago.

Battling with food intolerance but also wanting to provide her kids a better understanding of what food is and how it should be used, she embarked on the biggest journey..

Researching, studying, testing, using only artisanal and sustainable, eco-friendly processes to delivery a lifestyle that brings peace inside and beauty outside.


She made the shift to a plant based, gluten free, lactose free diet. As the food industry was confusing and not providing a satisfying offer, she founded COCOKnot. 


Enjoying yoga, meditation and inner healing, she loves to share her knowledge.

A resident of Paris and then Mougins in the South of France, close to Grasse, with COCOKnot, she combines her love for food and design.